Thursday, November 10, 2016

[blog five]

 Throughout all of the Story Time Jesus memes, there is always a casual conversation happening as if Jesus is friendly and casual. This specific offline person has been deemed as the guy to get "all your clever" advice from. We see that there are followers gathered around him as if they would be doing that when Jesus was alive. In the New Testament there are many accounts of Jesus having followers and Jesus speaking in front of crowds. In those stories you see the genuineness of Jesus. He would walk alongside the sick, heal the hurt, love all the people all the time. The offline religious culture of who Jesus is, is accurately depicted in every one of these memes. Most of the memes are specifically about his nature of love and what he would do and what He wants his people to do. Others have taken more of a humorous political stand by Jesus supposedly making comments about the current election. We see that Jesus is made authentic online. His character and authority offline is presented online through the memes. There is however a contrast. Some have made Story Time Jesus someone who could care less about politics, "would never vote republican" and is telling people to above all "love everyone", "even the Muslims" Whereas the meme below bluntly has Jesus saying that "Trump would make a great F****** President" 

The individuals who are creating specific Story Time Jesus memes are contrasting his offline with the online. The case to be made is that there is now a blurring of the offline and online. The authority that Jesus has with His followers offline is clearly being stated here, but what He believes and professes is being blurred in the online. There is not a blurring of his authority and what Christianity is, but a misrepresentation of how he would actually be speaking to the people who loves. 

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