Friday, October 21, 2016

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My case study focuses on the religion of Christianity. In today’s American culture, it is often complex and interchangeable. Most Christians have picked apart the bible to make it more applicable with how they want to live. In politics, Christianity is looked at as a kick starter for you campaign. Some critiques have pointed out that individuals use their faith to advance their platform. This is not what was intended for followers of Christ. In everyday life and politics Christians are viewed as lukewarm hypocrites or judgmental evangelicals. Story time Jesus expects more from his people however.

After looking as several Story time Jesus memes, I found that He tries to simplify what current day believers have complicated. He is constantly correcting a miscommunication between the church and the word of God. He quotes the bible and uses slight sarcasm to redirect the thought process of people who claim to follow him. Story time Jesus is critiquing present day Christians and their political beliefs. One meme I came across was Story time Jesus scoffing and saying, “Do you guys really think I would vote Republican?” This is implying that followers of Christ need to stop identifying with a party and view the Election as a follower of Christ before filtering it through the “Conservative or Liberal American Mindset.”

Sadly, a majority of political candidates’ motivation to incorporate “God Talk” into their campaign is to ignite their platform and seem more approachable to present day Christians. By having some sort of religious credentials now somehow qualifies you to be the next leader of the United States. What Story Time Jesus is saying is that we have got it all wrong. He is saying, love everyone and to apply that to how you view politics. What he wants to convey is that turning away Syrian Refugees is something He wouldn’t do and if a political candidate is professing Christianity, neither should they. 

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