Thursday, October 27, 2016

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Story Time Jesus is telling a story of unity. On "" you find out that this original painting was inspired to show that Jesus loved sharing about his love for his people and for his Father. He has many people gathered around to show that he has love for every type of race and ethnicity. The painting was to declare that he brings everyone back together again. This message is of the original painting shows that Jesus accepts everyone with love and followers of Jesus should too. This is one of the main principles in Christianity. "We love because he first loved us" There is a very distinct and inviting way about him in just the picture himself. This is present a case that He deserves to be heard and followed. 

Politically, Story time Jesus is pleading with the people to stop the nonsense that is happening within the election. The use of a religion to promote your campaign is the exact opposite of what Story time Jesus is warning against. Referring to politics, Jesus could care less about what the people think they need. Individuals are calling out to him and questioning "but what if" or "how about this candidate" and "what is the policy"? Story time Jesus is saying, "Love others, feed the hungry, do justice, help the widow" Story time Jesus is using a blunt one sided conversation to express that followers of Jesus should  filter all that they do, think and respond to politically through Christ's love for his people. 

I would say that in the case of Story Time Jesus, it is blending online context with offline context.  There is a seamless connection between the individual using this meme to take practical teachings from the bible and relate them to politics. In Digital Religion, Chapter 4, Heidi Campbell says, "Studies have consistently found that Internet users conceptually and practically connect their online and offline social lives rather than seeing them as separate or disconnected spheres."(Campbell, 2013) The user that created the meme fully knew the context of the miracles performed in the bible. He used what he had taken from religion offline and blended the information onto a online internet outlet. From then on, individuals have taken the Story Time Jesus meme and made it more conversational about current topics, not just old bible stories. 

Ideas from lecture to consider: 

bridging: offline and online are distinct yet linked
blending: online and offline interconnected so seamless flow between
blurring: online and offline integrated in new content created

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